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BH News provides information about new members and platform developments

Biobank Directory (B Dir)

A directory of all the biobanks represented on this platform

Company Directory (C Dir)

A directory of all the companies represented on this platform

Requests Directory (R Dir)

A directory of all the requests for samples submitted by companies

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Maps showing the distribution of biobanks and companies on this platform



The Resources section provides links to useful information about biospecimen procurement, including regulatory information and other biobank directories on the web.

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Disease Classification

Throughout this platform, disease classification is based on the ICD-10 system which can be seen on the following links:
English version   |   French version

Technical Tips 

1. How To Edit Your Directory Entry

The main contact for each organisation (biobank or company) can edit that organisation’s directory entry. If you are listed as the main contact on the directory entry, then at the bottom of that directory entry you will see an Edit button. Just click on Edit and you will be taken to a page where you can edit the contents.

If you have submitted a sample request, you will see the same Edit button at the bottom of your request in the Requests Directory.


2. How To Compare Biobanks

This 40 second video shows how to compare biobanks (or companies or requests) in the Directory.