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Analysis of Requests

This section describes the 129 sample requests that have been received so far by Biosample Hub. You can find the number of requests for each disease category and disease type, as well as the sample type requested (tissue, blood, serum, etc). This may be a useful guide for biobanks planning their collection strategy. Click here for more information.


Top Performing Biobanks

Congratulations to the two top performing biobanks of 2021 and 2022!

1. CRB des Hospices Civils de Lyon
2. Indiana Biobank

Assessment was based on the number of requests fulfilled over the 2021 – 2022 time period. Both biobanks have made a major contribution to meeting the biospecimen needs of  biotech companies on this platform.

Top 12 Most Engaged Biobank Members

  1. Ferran Lugo, HCB-FCRB-IDIBAPS Biobank
  2. Nicolas  Sonnier, CRB Centre Jean Perrin
  3. Sunil Kurian, Scripps Clinic Biorepository
  4. Elisabeth Blasco, CRB des HCL, Lyon
  5. Marta Goncalves, Arden Tissue Bank
  6. Nicola Fisher, NCARC
  7. Sherman Leung, Wesley Research Institute
  8. Urja Verma, UHN
  9. Ichata Boina, FIND Specimen Bank
  10. Michael Linnebacher, Biobank Rostock
  11. Paraic Kenny, Gunderson Cancer Biobank
  12. Séverine Tabone-Eglinger, Centre Léon Bérard

Assessment was based on the number of website visits from April to August 2023

Webinars this November

Daniel Uribe, CEO of Paula Espinal MD, PI of Nicklaus Children’s Biobank,
and PI of Project GE:NES